Why Us?

Without success, we lose out, not you

A thorough due-diligence process and stringent code of conduct ensure you get the best. Investro works with both large corporations and smaller independent, boutique firms offering bespoke ‘whole of market’ options, so you enjoy flexible, cost-effective planning that is tailor-made to suit you.

Are we independent?

Yes we are. There is no incentive to select one advisor over another. The specialists we work with all have an exemplary track record and businesses based mainly on referrals from existing clients. They have been selected in the knowledge they will do what’s best for you long term, rather than themselves right now.

Our motivation is to find you the most compatible and experienced advisor, one you’ll want to work with forever. It can be stressful and costly for you to keep changing, not to mention a waste of your time to keep going through your circumstances with someone new. We believe, as our advisors do, that financial planning is a life-long requirement, and if we do our job right, this will be your last ever change of advisor.

Working with Investro guarantees you benefit from crucial considerations when selecting an advisor:

  • Transparent investment charges.
  • Regulatory protection.
  • Relevant qualifications.
  • Access to multiple investment platforms.
  • A fee-based, AUM (assets under management) business model.
  • Unquestionable high client retention.
  • High calibre advice and low-cost strategies.
  • Irrefutable independence.
  • Consistent performance relative to market conditions.
  • Ability to terminate arrangement without penalty.

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