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Invest lump sums or regular savings without contractual obligations

Want to save with full flexibility?  We have the answer.  Investro promotes saving without restraint. Buying a house, paying for your children’s education or even saving for your retirement?  You can invest lump sums with full liquidity or make regular contributions to build your wealth steadily.  Save for anything you want while taking advantage of market movements to balance out returns, knowing you can withdraw your money at any time.

If you can’t take your money out, you should ask why

We recommend avoiding offshore contractual savings plans, they are an expensive ‘one size fits all’ solution that usually involves 6-24 months of your ‘investment’ disappearing in charges. Circumstances changing or needing your money back often ends in frustration, and the fact such plans are more popular among advisors than investors tells you everything you need to know.

Saving through Investro wealth managers allows you to:

  • Access 100% of the capital when you need it.
  • Increase and decrease contributions.
  • Miss payments for unexpected expenses.
  • Pay charges as you go, not front-loaded.
  • Switch funds easily.
  • View your savings online.
  • Open accounts remotely.
  • Maximise market fluctuations.
  • Receive advice on allocating funds.

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