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In every walk of life being competitive is fundamental to increasing performance, and we believe financial services should be no different. We have created Compete4clients so you can capitalise on the competitive nature of the industry. Once we have established your requirements we’ll select compatible wealth managers to go head to head and compete for your business and increase your negotiating power as a potential client.

What’s the benefit?

Compete4clients introduces proven and established wealth managers to create your proposals. Having bargaining power reduces costs and even the smallest reduction in charges today can compound into significant financial gain in the future, and we want you to benefit. In addition, we’ll do our best to cater for other requirements you might have.

  • Where you’d like your advisor to be located?
  • Is age important to you?
  • Is gender a consideration?

Once you have received and reviewed your proposals you’ll be able to negotiate. We know that advisors want your business and can be flexible if required. After all, experience tells us that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and we want you to be sure you get it right first time.

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