Our System

Investro is the first choice of people wishing to claim money owed to them. Sometimes they don’t even know they have money sitting unclaimed in Government accounts, until we start looking into it.

Founded to provide a simple service to help people get back their unclaimed funds, we have partners in key locations around the world,
meaning wherever you have lived, we have experts who know how to navigate the complex systems that governments like to create. Of course, each country has its own rules and regulations, which can be a minefield for
ordinary people.


Why We Exist

Investro is here for one reason; to get the huge amounts of money – and we are talking hundreds of billions, around the world, so huge doesn’t even really begin to cover it – back to their rightful owner. [Not kept in the hands of various governments, who aren’t even allowed to actually make use of it anyway].

Our Team

Meet the people behind Investro. After chatting with a friend in Australia in this field, Richard spotted a gap in the UK market for a straightforward solution to help, in the main, expats locate their money, and then get it back with the
minimum of fuss.

Richard already had a global network of trusted contacts from his many years in other online businesses, and some have now joined forces to provide this great service. Jane has the honour of being Rich’s better half for the last 15 years, and some would say is the real brains behind the operation 🙂