What we do and why

The smoke and mirrors of international financial services produces many thousands of disgruntled investors every year. Unclear and restrictive charging structures on unregulated funds and packaged investments can make it easy for advisors to make more money from your investments than you do, and very difficult for you to make changes without penalties.

Investro was founded to help investors make better decisions, by putting you in touch with impartial advisors who have the integrity to put your best interests first.

Giving you back control

Investro sources financial experts from around the world to compete for your business and keep you in control. Founded to help investors achieve better results from the best advisors and wealth managers, if you have doubts about who to use then look no further because Investro has already done the work for you.

By operating both remotely and also having advisors in key locations around the world we can be where you need us to be.  Regardless of what advice you need and where you need it, if you’d like virtual meetings or face-to-face contact, we already know who you are looking for and we’ll simplify the process for you.

Our founder

Richard Young is a well-travelled entrepreneur who thrives on improving outcomes for consumers. After countless tales from friends overseas about the poor standard of offshore financial advice, commission hungry salesmen and life savings being lost, it soon became apparent that nobody he knew living abroad had ever had a positive experience.

Richard began his research to find the most credible sources of wealth management around the world. As a result Investro was born, helping repair the lack of trust that has evolved over many years and giving investors back peace of mind knowing that their hard-earned capital will be in the safest of hands.

    • Richard YoungFounder